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Switching to Hugo

Over the course of my life, I have used various blogging framework thingies. IIRC I have used wordpress and blogger at some points in the past, followed by fireblog, which was made by me. I have had several issues with fireblog: It is dynamic. I could change it into an SSG or a static/dynamic hybrid thing, but I can’t be bothered at this point in time. It is slow. The reason for this is that the server has been on a slow connection, on a slow server with a dynamic ip address.

3 Sep 2016 #Blog

New Simple Theme

I’ve just merged in a new theme, which I’ve called “simple”. Because it is meant to be dirt simple. And it is. For at least the next few hours, this blog will provide a demo of it. There are still various tweaks I should make to it, maybe add a splash of colour, resize things, but it at least passes the tests.

3 Jan 2016 #Blog #Theme

Blog is now running the latest code

Since I put the blog source code onto Github, I have been working on the code there, fixing bugs and stuff. With the code being on Github, I can work more easily and frequently on the code, but for the past few weeks I haven’t been updating the code this blog itself is running, as it would require a bit of effort and I’ve been busy. Well, I have just redeployed this blog with the latest code.

21 Oct 2015 #Blog

Source code for the blog is now on Github

Yes, you read that correctly. The source code that runs this blog is now on Github. Unfortunately I am not good at coming up with names, and fireblog was the best I could think of. Putting the source code on Github helps me in several ways: Showing people the code is way easier. Working on the code is possible from pretty much any decent computer with Internet. Open source is

6 Oct 2015 #Blog

Site is now online (after yet more downtime)

Yes, I know, for the past few days the site has been offline. I played around with partitions, and as always assumed that I would be able to get the site up and running in only a few hours. How wrong I was. I had to compile python twice as I hadn’t installed various packages before the first compilation. And the compilation takes ages. And then even the package server thing I was using went down for a while due to dns changes on their end.

27 Sep 2015 #Blog

Temporary dropping of SSL

You may have noticed that the website no longer is using ssl/tls. Before, I was using cloudflare. On their end, there were some issues which have meant that I’ve decided to remove them from the loop for the moment. Of course, this does remove a layer of protection, but I am relying on extremely low traffic. And this is definitely not a mission critical website by any means. Anyways, I have been working no decoupling the code for this website to make it easier to maintain.

17 Aug 2015 #Blog

New polymer theme

OK, so I have been working a new polymer theme for this blog. I have just deployed to production and already have found various issues with it. The worst issues affect me. Of course, i did test the website beforehand. The issues i am finding now are around performance and usability on a mobile. The performance, i have a quick fix that should go partway towards fixing the problem. But the real problem is probably that using polymer results in a lot of dependencies.

9 Jul 2015 #Blog #Theme

Notes on the current blog setup

I thought it might be nice to give some information on how this blog is setup. Web framework First off, the blog has been made using python, with the pyramid application framework. I compared various python Web frameworks and pyramid seemed to have good documentation, plenty of support and a nice api. And they also have some nice tutorials on getting started, and some starter templates. I considered django but pyramid seemed a lot more flexible.

24 Jun 2015 #Blog