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New polymer theme

OK, so I have been working a new polymer theme for this blog. I have just deployed to production and already have found various issues with it. The worst issues affect me.

Of course, i did test the website beforehand. The issues i am finding now are around performance and usability on a mobile. The performance, i have a quick fix that should go partway towards fixing the problem. But the real problem is probably that using polymer results in a lot of dependencies.

Anyways, we’ll see how things go when i get time to work on the issues.

UPDATE 12/7/15: Shortly after I made this post, I fixed the issue around scrolling not working. And tried to speed the website up slightly by playing with some config settings. And I resized the title to make the header bar look a bit better IMO. However, I expect that HTTP2 will give a speedup, whenever nginx get it developed.

UPDATE 17/7/15 I have added some more caching. However there are bugs in it I think. But they shouldn’t affect anyone except me. I have started to understand how much of a pain caching can be and how much of a speedup it can give.

9 Jul 2015 #Blog #Theme