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Switching to Hugo

Over the course of my life, I have used various blogging framework thingies. IIRC I have used wordpress and blogger at some points in the past, followed by fireblog, which was made by me. I have had several issues with fireblog:

  1. It is dynamic. I could change it into an SSG or a static/dynamic hybrid thing, but I can’t be bothered at this point in time.
  2. It is slow. The reason for this is that the server has been on a slow connection, on a slow server with a dynamic ip address.

So, I am now switching to hugo, hosted on gitlab pages. So I don’t have to worry about hosting costs, and I get a versioned history of everything. And hugo has lots of themes.

The downside is I don’t get comments, unless I use disqus (which I am on the fence about). But meh.

If you’re curious, the source code for this new blog is here.

3 Sep 2016 #Blog