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Tales from Zims-part 3

So here is my final post in this series about Zimbabwe. I’ll probably have to edit most of this post at some point. One of the things I sometimes wonder is if Zimbabwe will ever get out of its current predicament. There is an opposition party, and in general I would expect not many people to support the current government. But it feels like change will only come when the current leader passes away.

2 Jan 2015 #Tales from Zims

Tales from Zims-part 2

Here is the second part of my tales from Zims. Note that this is a reposting of a post I wrote in December 2012. Now, as of writing this post, I am not a well-travelled person, and have seen very few cities. To me, Harare was extremely busy, overflowing to the seams with cars, commuter buses and pick-ups. This is what you get when there is no public transport, and the state of the roads made this no better.

29 Dec 2014 #Tales from Zims

Tales from Zims-part 1

The following post was originally written in 2012. Given that the blog it was originally on is no more, I am reposting it here. As promised in the previous post, I will talk a bit about Zimbabwe. Also, to make it clear-in this post, I am talking about Harare, specifically the suburbs and not the poorer areas. I was very fortunate to be able to spend over a month this year in Zimbabwe, a place which is commonly perceived in the West to be a broken country ruled by a corrupt dictator, who somehow manages to retain power at the age of 88, showing no signs of letting his grip loosen.

22 Dec 2014 #Tales from Zims