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Some completely random thoughts on nature

On rare occasions, I have looked around me, at the buildings rising high up in this city, and I have wondered. I have wondered what we have done, what we humans have achieved by doing this. I’m no hippie, but I don’t think the answer lies in trying to cover the world with tarmac and concrete. I don’t think having a couple of trees in the pavement is enough. You see, it requires a different perspective, in my opinion, one which I feel we have lost in the developed world, and one which the developing world is in the process of losing.

18 Nov 2014

To get the ball rolling...

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, most merciful. So you can now infer my religion. That doesn’t mean you know my religion, but that you can make a good guess that is most probably right. This is odd. I mean, why would I even think to start doing this. I mean, 750 words! 750. No kidding. No fudging. Where am I going to find the time for it?! Man, only 74 words!

18 Nov 2014


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26 Oct 2014