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Switching to Hugo

Over the course of my life, I have used various blogging framework thingies. IIRC I have used wordpress and blogger at some points in the past, followed by fireblog, which was made by me. I have had several issues with fireblog: It is dynamic. I could change it into an SSG or a static/dynamic hybrid thing, but I can’t be bothered at this point in time. It is slow. The reason for this is that the server has been on a slow connection, on a slow server with a dynamic ip address.

3 Sep 2016 #Blog

Thoughts on Haskell

Over the past few months, I have been learning haskell. It is truly an amazing language, unlike the heavyweight languages (Java, Python, C#), with a lot of innovative features in it. This is probably due to it being originally (although it still is) a research language, though it does seem very capable for use in production. Here are a few of my thoughts about it so far. GHC, the standard compiler/interpreter, is awesome.

4 Jul 2016 #Haskell #Programming

My ideal todo list app

The todo list app has been done again and again and again, yet I always seem to have some gripe with each of the ones I have used. ATM, I use Google Keep as it gets most things right. What follows are some of the features that I deem important for such an app to have: Queues. Sequence of subtasks that are dependent on the previous one being completed. Better would be graph support.

22 Feb 2016 #Ideas

New Simple Theme

I’ve just merged in a new theme, which I’ve called “simple”. Because it is meant to be dirt simple. And it is. For at least the next few hours, this blog will provide a demo of it. There are still various tweaks I should make to it, maybe add a splash of colour, resize things, but it at least passes the tests.

3 Jan 2016 #Blog #Theme

Blog is now running the latest code

Since I put the blog source code onto Github, I have been working on the code there, fixing bugs and stuff. With the code being on Github, I can work more easily and frequently on the code, but for the past few weeks I haven’t been updating the code this blog itself is running, as it would require a bit of effort and I’ve been busy. Well, I have just redeployed this blog with the latest code.

21 Oct 2015 #Blog

Source code for the blog is now on Github

Yes, you read that correctly. The source code that runs this blog is now on Github. Unfortunately I am not good at coming up with names, and fireblog was the best I could think of. Putting the source code on Github helps me in several ways: Showing people the code is way easier. Working on the code is possible from pretty much any decent computer with Internet. Open source is

6 Oct 2015 #Blog

Site is now online (after yet more downtime)

Yes, I know, for the past few days the site has been offline. I played around with partitions, and as always assumed that I would be able to get the site up and running in only a few hours. How wrong I was. I had to compile python twice as I hadn’t installed various packages before the first compilation. And the compilation takes ages. And then even the package server thing I was using went down for a while due to dns changes on their end.

27 Sep 2015 #Blog

Using quip to write a report

Over the past few months, I have been writing a report on what I was doing during my year on placement. During this year I have mainly been testing a booking system for the NHS, but I am not talking about what I did during the year in this post.(I also am not sharing the report here, but if you email me, I may be able to give it to you.) Instead, I want to talk about how I made the report.

20 Sep 2015 #Latex #Quip #Uni

Temporary dropping of SSL

You may have noticed that the website no longer is using ssl/tls. Before, I was using cloudflare. On their end, there were some issues which have meant that I’ve decided to remove them from the loop for the moment. Of course, this does remove a layer of protection, but I am relying on extremely low traffic. And this is definitely not a mission critical website by any means. Anyways, I have been working no decoupling the code for this website to make it easier to maintain.

17 Aug 2015 #Blog

New polymer theme

OK, so I have been working a new polymer theme for this blog. I have just deployed to production and already have found various issues with it. The worst issues affect me. Of course, i did test the website beforehand. The issues i am finding now are around performance and usability on a mobile. The performance, i have a quick fix that should go partway towards fixing the problem. But the real problem is probably that using polymer results in a lot of dependencies.

9 Jul 2015 #Blog #Theme